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What is a Link-in-bio?

Last updated on September 17, 2023

Most social media sites only let you include one link in your profile bio, so many brands, artists, influencers, and others create a Link-in-bio page to organize and list all of their most important links.

Even when you're allowed multiple links on your profile, a Link-in-bio page allows you to manage all of your links in one place and to use branded links with your custom domain.

When you link your Link-in-bio page on your social media profiles (and elsewhere), your followers, customers, and others can click through to find all of your great content and relevant information, all in a single, simple page.

Byt Link-in-bio

The Byt Link-in-bio page is an easy-to-read and flexible way to organize and share your most important links. Every link on it is a Byt short link, which means you get all the tracking and performance metrics you're already used to.

Get started with your Byt Link-in-bio

With a Byt Link-in-bio, you can create a personalized landing page with links to all of the content most relevant to your customers or audience. Take advantage of our flexible customization options to create a unique Link-in-bio page that matches your brand, business, or product.

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